Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review

It's been a really interesting year.. I moved to the Bay Area. It's one thing to read about Silicon Valley or visit briefly. It's another to actually live out here and experience all it has to offer. This is the center of this data revolution everyone seems to be talking about. Obviously, if you can manage the ridiculously expensive housing out here and how much more expensive everything is out here, then you should be fine.

To wrap up the year, here is Jeff Leeks' Non-comprehensive list of awesome things other people did in 2014 . It has an rlang slant since he's a statistician.

I had more blog posts and traffic this year than each of the previous 3 year combined. Hoping this trend continues. Just looking at my traffic, it does appear there is a lot more interest in Data Science Education and immersive experiences like boot camps.

Going forward, I plan to do more tutorial style posts showing side projects or other interesting tech I encounter. 

I do want to spend more time delving into Deep Learning. Starting with the nuts and bolts and then moving to available libraries / implementations and sharing some of what I learn along the way... stay tuned 

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