Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello World !!

For this post, I would like to introduce myself and thank you for stopping by. I'm Ike and I am currently a graduate student at Texas A&M where I am pursing a masters degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a focus on computational sciences and data mining.

The exciting world of data is here to stay and I do believe that data analytics is the next frontier in the information age. This point is underscored with the recent emergence of data analytics in social media, healthcare,  IT and business.

It's all about the data, and the organizations that are able to leverage this, will remain the few that will continue to evolve and revolve to stay relevant in the marketplace.

I will be blogging about my thoughts on collective Intelligence, data wrangling, data mining, predictive modeling, social media, start-ups, analytics and also pen down ideas, things I hope not to forget, projects I'm currently working on and experiences.

I'm really excited about this venture.