Friday, April 25, 2014

Zipfian Academy - All 12 weeks

Here you go.. a week to week summary of my experience at Zipfian Academy

Week 1 : Zipfian Academy - Priming the Pump , some Unix shell, python, recommenders and data wrangling 
Week 2 : Zipfian Academy - Are you Frequentist or Bayesian ? 
Week 3 : Zipfian Academy - Multi-armed bandits and some Machine Learning 
Week 4 : Zipfian Academy - Oh SQL, Oh SQL... MySQL and some NLP too 
Week 5 : Zipfian Academy - Graphs and Community Detection 
Week 6 : Zipfian Academy - The Elephant, the Pig, the Bee and other stories 
Week 7 : Zipfian Academy - Advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning 
Week 8 : Zipfian Academy - Assessment and Review 
Week 9 : Zipfian Academy - Personal projects
Week 10 : Zipfian Academy - Closing the loop ... rinse..repeat 
Week 11 : Zipfian Academy -The Beginning of the End
Week 12 : Zipfian Academy - And That's All folks....

For a different point of view about the Zipfian experience do checkout another  fellow alum - Melanie's blog All the Tech Things 


  1. Hi, I'm interested to know what you thought of the program, the other students and the hiring companies that partner with Zipfian now that you have completed the program.

  2. Hi Ikechukwu,

    Now that it's all said and done, do you have any final thoughts? Was the experience worth it? Did you find gainful employment? Would you recommend it to others?

    Your blog has been helpful and a great read.