Friday, November 25, 2011

Some great resources on the web covering Machine Learning, Data Mining, R, Python and other topics

These are just a few web resources around Python, R, machine learning, data mining, and some other technical topics I've come across. I will update this list as time permits. In the mean time..enjoy!!

Some Good R videos
A collection of talks given by Hadley Wickham @hadleywickham on R
Stanford OpenClassroom - a bunch of CS classes Stanford. Full Courses Short Videos
List of freely available programming books

KDNuggets - latest KD news
Khan Academy application of machine learning to assess student mastery
CMU Machine Learning course

Quick Python Facts
Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python

Courtesy of @jeremyphoward
Getting in Shape for the sport of Data Science

Courtesy of @hackingdata
UCB Intro to Data Science
A good list of Machine learning, Statistical computing related courses
A great video with Jeff Hammerbacher detailing the future of Big Data

Courtesy of @peteskomoroch
Hidden Videos Courses in Math, Science and Engineering
Updated List of Datasets and Video Lectures