Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year in Review

To say 2017 was an interesting year would be quite the understatement.

We saw everything from the explosion of Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto-currencies. Too bad if you didn't get in on the crypto craze before the wave.

We also witnessed the growth and maturity of a several  Deep Learning frameworks:
We were wowed once again with the Model 3 launch and Tesla Semi / Roadster v2 unveil. And, we got more insights on Model Y and Falcon Heavy launch.

We also witnessed more products and services powered by Deep Learning / AI and more maturity in the different DL / ML frameworks out there. I really do feel a lot of the worthwhile things in the space going forward will be applying these tools and techniques to solving real problems that have real impacts on our lives vs things that just end up in research papers (even though that's important too) and making these tools more accessible.

I'll leave you with a summary of the awesome things other folks did in 2017

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