Sunday, March 23, 2014

A few interesting links - Wolfram Language, CLT visualized, Google graveyard .....

Wolfram language looks pretty impressive. Definitely need to give it a try

Central Limit Theorem visualized, Another awesome D3 visualization

Data Elite : This is the YCombinator for Big Data startups

Metacademy - machine learning focused search engine

Nate Silver Interview : pretty insightful interview from Nate Silver

Deep Belief Networks in the browser. This is actually pretty cool. It would be nice if there was an API around this

explainshelll helps you understand all those shell scripts you come across

Google Graveyard of products : many-a-google products have graced us in the past decade. Hoping Google Glass and Google Driverless Cars don't end up in the graveyard. Hmm.. looks like someone already created a spot for Google Glass

Sergey Brin's old grad school resume from almost 2 decades ago.. Bet you he didn't know he'd become one of the richest people in the world today

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