Sunday, February 2, 2014

Learning to Learn (Again)

I thought this would be an interesting segue to the Week 2 update giving that I'm currently knee deep in a Data Science bootcamp program. Two weeks in and I'm trying to prioritize and balance breadth / depth for some of the topics we've covered so far.

I read a few studies that say starting from first the principles and then working on understanding the more difficult / complex concepts works most of the time. This is sort of like an SVD / PCA of learning - learning only the important things which will help you reconstruct the rest of the knowledge when you need to use it. Obviously there are other schools of thought about learning.

Anyway, I came across this guy's extreme learning experiment. He is attempting to learn and become fluent in 4 languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese and Korean) within a year, 12 weeks at a time. Looks like he is half way through. This is another project (MIT Challenge) he recently completed. 

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