Sunday, January 19, 2014

Raspberry Pi + Motorola Atrix Lapdock

A few weeks ago, I got my hands on a Raspberry Pi and was able to connect it to a Motorola Atrix Lapdock (this is basically a glorified monitor / keyboard) . You could also run it headless and connect to it via ssh or vnc server


The Lapdock was probably ahead of its time when it was released a few years ago. It was initially overpriced and didn't do well so Motorola eventually pulled the plug on it.

You can get one of these for 30 - 40 bucks on ebay. The whole setup cost less than 100 bucks even with the extra cables that had to be purchased and the Raspberry Pi.

I've seen some interesting projects built with this miniature board like a Hadoop Compute Cluster based on the Pi, a 64 Node Supercomputer and the countless home automation / robot projects out there

There are a few websites dedicated to projects with the Raspberry Pi. Of note are Ada Fruit and this aggregation site. You can also check out this very detailed guide with wiring instructions to pull this hack off

The type of projects you could build with the Pi are only limited by your imagination. I've also seen projects where it was used as a remote data logging / aggregation device in bee hives, connected security cameras, motion detectors and you can probably guess this list goes on.

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