Monday, August 26, 2013

Machine Learning as a Service

There are a couple of start-ups working on delivering machine learning as a service. Some of these solutions provide a turn-key data science environment : some data prep, munging, models, predictions and visualizations - this is an open source machine learning server. It looks like they focus mainly on recommendations and you can build and fine tune your own models

Yhat - build and deploy models with R and Python

BigML - this has a user friendly interface and great visualizations for non-techies. You also have the choice to modify and fine tune your models and can solve both classification and regression problems here - they seem to have a wider variety of problems they can tackle. They also have their own optimized Random Forest implementation that showed some impressive stats when benchmarked against R, Weka and Scikit-Learn

Precog - another strong contender in the space. They have a wider variety of type of input data - logs. JSON, NoSQL, etc. They were recently acquired, so their service may be shut down.

Ersatz - their service uses deep neural networks (black box). Looks like they're still in private beta

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